5 reasons you need So Danca Broadway Shoes

So Danca Broadway shoes, the answer to all of your stage dance woes. If you’re looking for a new pair of New Yorker character dance shoes to get you through the season, look no further than So Danca Broadway shoes. These 3-inch character shoes are the perfect stage dance shoes. A heavenly balance of support and flexibility, paired with specialised design inspired by dancers and engineered specifically for dancers.

Here are 5 reasons these So Danca Broadway shoes are the New Yorker character shoes you've been missing.

1. These character shoes guarantee perfect turns

Suede soles are the perfect surface for turns and So Dança knows this. They have designed these stage dance shoes with suede soles to give you perfect turns. The balance of grip and slip make them ideal for ballroom practice and social dancHere are 5 reasons these So Danca Broadway shoes are the New Yorker character shoes you've been missing. ing as well as rehearsal shoes for stage performances. The flared heel features a rubber cover at the base for grip and protection.

2. These New Yorkers lengthen your leg lines

The SD-153 and SD-143 So Dança Broadway shoes feature a beautifully shaped 3-inch flared heel with a reinforced brace for superior stability. This extra little bit of height in the 3-inch character shoe will elongate your leg lines and pull you right up off the floor while the flared base will keep you completely wobble-free.

3. New Yorkers' with buttery soft leather uppers for flexibility and durability

Featuring a buttery soft leather upper with elastic gussets at the metatarsals to ensure a perfect fit; these stage dance shoes will move with you as you dance. This leather will also provide supreme comfort and flexibility and requires no breaking in time. The soft leather lining will allow your feet to breathe through hours of dancing and will soften and mould to your feet with wear. 

4. So Danca broadway shoes feature a versatile strap design for support, stability and style

The elegant criss-crossed arch straps on these So Dança 3 inch character shoes maintain secure contact between the arch of the foot and the arch of the shoe, ensuring that the shoe can move seamlessly with you as you dance. The centre strap slides through a loop under the arch meaning the fit across the arch is 100% customisable.

5. There are two beautiful styles of character shoe to choose from

These New Yorkers come in two stunning styles: one with a T-strap and cross-arch straps and the second style with arch-hugging cross straps. The T-strap character shoes provide extra support to the forefoot. The straps are secured with a genuine metal buckle for improved security and support.

Featured in "That's Life" - Choreographed by Josh Bergasse who approves So Danca's brand NEW Broadway and Cabaret shoes! So Danca Broadway shoes are tested and endorsed by Broadway Professionals.

So whether you’re rehearsing for a charity Strictly event, a musical theatre student or part of an amateur dramatics group these So Dana Broadway/Cabaret 3 inch heel character shoe will set you apart in class and on stage.

Shop the full range of So Danca character shoes online now. 

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