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How to take care of your clothes?

Product and consumer care has shown to have an influential impact on the environmental impact and lifespan of a product. By adopting just a few tips and tricks to take better care of your clothes, you can help lower the carbon footprint by significant measures.

keep it cool

By machine washing at 30°c instead of 40°c, studies show that you consumpt 40% less energy. The degree on the washing label only indicates the highest temperature allowed, and not the suggested temperature.

air dry outside

Not only will you save energy by air-drying your clothes; the shape of the clothes will also last longer. Before hanging up to dry, centrifuge at the highest rate, removing excess water and thereby shortening the air-drying time.

Iron when necessary

Save both effort and energy by reducing the amount of clothes you iron. instead of ironing, place your clean laundry on hangers in the bathroom while showering, as the shower steam helps smoothen out most wrinkles.



Dance shoes get dirty really quickly with the amount of practice and performance they see. The dust and dirt that dance shoes collect are terrible for the fabric and unfortunately, most dance shoes cannot be put in the washer or dryer. Of course, dance shoes are pivotal to your performance and you need to take good care of them. Here are some top tips and handy hints on how to show your shoes some love.

Different materials need different types of care so it’s important to know what your shoes are made of so that you can maintain them correctly.

Leather uppers

Leather uppers will benefit from regular cleaning and protecting with suitable protector sprays and creams. Conditioning your leather shoes with good quality oil and creams will prevent the leather from cracking, flaking, fading and looking worn out. 

Never dry wet shoes next to a radiator or any other source of heat: this causes the leather to crack and can stretch and disfigure some shoes. Simply stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry out naturally.

Suede / Nubuck Uppers

As soon as you purchase suede shoes they should be sprayed with a protector spray that is specifically designed for suede shoes. Get a wire brush and routinely brush the dust and debris from the shoes. A good habit to have is brushing down suede shoes immediately after they have been worn. If they become damp, draw out the excess moisture with a towel and then allow to air dry at room temperature. Setting them in the sun or drying them with heat may cause discolouration.

Delicate Trims

Beads, sequins and stones can be delicate and must be treated with care. Detail can become dislodged or damaged if worn in conditions where they are rubbed or scuffed. Delicate products may need to be repaired after time.

Heel tips

Replace heel tips on a regular basis to prevent permanent damage to the heels. We also sell plastic heel covers for some of our shoes as extra protection.


Suede soles can be maintained with a suede brush, ideally, they should be brushed gently after each wear. Use short strokes to get the dirt and grind out of the suede. The sole will wear down in time and will need to be replaced eventually. We can provide you with replacement soles and we recommend visiting a good cobbler to have the soles replaced.

We strongly advise you not to wear your dance shoes outside.  Many of our shoes are made with suede soles which will be destroyed by outdoor wear!

Shoe bags

We advise our customers to store dance shoes separately, in their own shoe bag to prevent them from being scuffed against other items in your bag. The shoe bags we stock are breathable and lightweight and a really good investment for good quality ballroom, Latin and pointe shoes in particular.



You put your dancewear to the test with every routine or workout. We all know that a kick-ass outfit can be the key to a stunning performance... Show your dancewear some love and keep your gear durable and comfortable for longer. Here are some top tips for caring for your dancewear.

how do i care for my leotard

To ensure that your garment maintains maximum durability and style, we recommend that all leotards are either hand-washed or turned inside out and machine washed on a short, cold cycle. Immediately hang the item out to dry on a coat hanger and keep away from heat.

Do NOT use bleach/detergents or fabric softeners

Do NOT tumble dry or iron

Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments

Do NOT hang over radiators

Foil print and metallic garments may fade or dull with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil. This does not constitute a fault.


Machine wash in cold water with like colours on a gentle cycle or hand wash in cold to lukewarm water and rinse.

Lay flat to dry.

Wash with a mild soap or detergent

Do not use any abrasive cleaner, cleaner containing chloride, or bleach

Hang or lay flat to dry the clothing, do not tumble dry.

Always check the product tag for specific washing and care instructions.