Product Care

How should I take care of my dancewear? 

You make your dancewear work hard to keep up with you. It stands to reason that it should be in as good shape as you are. Here are some tips to help keep your dancewear in top-condition.

  • Turn garments inside out to wash
  • Always check the product tag for any specific washing and care instructions
  • If possible hand wash in cold to lukewarm water and rinse 
  • Machine wash alone in cold water on a gentle cycle 
  • Air dry or lay flat to dry
  • Do NOT use bleach/detergents or fabric softeners
  • Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments
  • Do NOT tumble dry 
  • Do NOT iron
  • Do NOT hang garments over radiators

How should I look after my dance shoes?

Dance shoes get dirty very quickly and dust and dirt are terrible for fabric. Unfortunately, most dance shoes are delicate and cannot be put in the washer or dryer. Here are some top tips and handy hints for how to show your shoes some love.

It’s important to know what your shoes are made of so that you can maintain them correctly.

Leather Uppers

Leather uppers benefit from regular cleaning and protecting with suitable protector sprays and creams. Conditioning your leather shoes with leather oil and creams will prevent the leather from cracking, flaking, fading and looking worn out.

Suede / Nubuck Uppers

Suede shoes should be sprayed with a suede protector. You can get a suede brush and should regularly brush the dust and debris from shoes. If they become damp, draw out the excess moisture with a towel, stuff with newspaper and then allow to air dry at room temperature. Do not let them dry in the sun or on a radiator. Heat may cause discolouration and warping.

Heel Tips

Replace heel tips on a regular basis to prevent permanent damage to the heels. A cobbler will be able to assist you with this

Suede Soles

Suede soles can be maintained with a wire brush. Soles should be brushed after each wear. Use short strokes to get out the dirt and return grind to the suede. The sole will wear down in time and will need to be replaced eventually. We recommend visiting a good cobbler to have the soles replaced.

Do NOT wear your dance shoes outside.  Suede soles will be destroyed by outdoor wear.

Safe Storage

We advise our customers to store dance shoes separately from other dancewear, in their own shoe bag if possible, to prevent them from being scuffed or damaged. Dance shoe bags are a good solution; breathable and lightweight and a really good investment!