Ballroom Dance Shoes for Beginners

Ballroom Dance Shoes for Beginners

Are you a Ballroom beginner or is Ballroom dancing your passion? Whether you need a ballroom dance practice shoe. Either way, choosing the right shoe should be at the top of your to-do list. So Danca's collection of ladies ballroom and Latin dance shoes are versatile and glamorous. It can be tough to know what to look for in a ballroom shoe for beginners. I've put together a selection of some of my favourite styles and some of our bestsellers from the So Danca Ballroom collection. I hope it helps to make choosing the perfect ballroom dance shoe that little bit easier.

The So Danca Ballroom dance shoes Collection

Our Ladies Ballroom & Latin Dance collection features stunning styles for Ballroom, Latin and Character dancing. The quality of So Danca ballroom shoes is incomparable! Our collection features supportive straps, shock-absorbing cushioned insoles and elasticated gussets. Allowing dancers to move with complete comfort and support on the dancefloor. The evolution of our “easy buckles” allow dancers to quickly hit the floor without worrying about loose straps. But how to choose? There are too many styles to pick from! How are you meant to know what style is right?

Ballroom & Latin Shoes for Begginers

Top Ladies So Danca Ballroom Dance Shoes

What are you looking for in a ballroom shoe? We need to know what questions to ask before we can know which style is right for us. When I shop for a ballroom shoe I look for several prerequisites before anything else.

1. Does it have a suede sole?

Suede soles are the ideal sole material for a ballroom dance shoe. They give you some traction on the dancefloor and will allow you to glide without slipping. Suede soles do wear thin over time though. You can extend the life of your suede soles with proper care using a wire brush. Suede soles can also be replaced when they reach the point of no return. Buy replacement suede soles here.

2. How high is the heel?

It's easy to forget that ballroom shoes have heels. Sometimes we rehearse in flat shoes and then when we come to perform we realise our shoes are way too high for us. Most ballroom shoes for beginners will have a 1.5" inch heel like the BL 33. Ladies ballroom shoes will generally range from a 1" heel to roughly 2.5" like the BL 504. Make sure you are comfortable balancing and dancing in whatever heel height you choose. Try some of the heels you have knocking around at home. Find something can you dance securely in and measure the heel. Go for a So Danca ballroom shoe of the same heel height. If you haven't got any heels at home that might be a hint that you should go for something a little lower, to begin with.


3. What will I be using this shoe for?

If the shoe I'm looking for will be used for rehearsal only, I might be better looking for a character shoe or a ballroom dance practice shoe. Will I be wearing them for hours on end? If so, I want to ensure I'll be comfortable enough to continue dancing. Do my shoes need to be usable for both Latin and ballroom dancing? If yes then I might be better with something a little higher and with a flexible sole. Make sure your So Danca ballroom shoes work for you.

Sometimes it can be worth investing in more than one pair of dance shoes. If you're using the one pair of shoes for everything, they will wear out much faster. So Danca Ballroom and Latin shoes are quite different and while you can use the same shoes for both in a pinch, if you can manage it, it's well worth getting a pair specifically for each style.

4. Should I get an open or closed-toe shoe?

This is something that just comes down to personal preference. Personally I like a closed-toe shoe, like the BL 504, maybe that's because of past experience with partners that trod on my toes! At the end of the day, this is up to you.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out Emma Slater's teeny-weeny waltz tutorial for So Danca. She tried out some of our dance shoes and just couldn't resist taking them for a test drive.


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  • There are so many varieties of differents dance shoes,models and styles depending on a dance style you are passioned about. I would say if you are searchig for Ballroom Dance Shoes as a beginner the best size would be closest to a regular street shoes or half a size smaller to get a better support for your feet.

    dress4dance on
  • Hi Sarah,
    We understand that every dancer has different feet, everybody wears their dance shoes a little differently and fitting can be very personal. As such it is tricky to correctly advise on fit outside a one-to-one fitting. Our advice is merely a guideline and will not apply to every dancer. If you have narrow feet we would advise trying the size closest to your own street shoe size.

    Many of our Ballroom/Latin shoes are available larger than UK 8 by special order only. If you would like to place a special order for anything not listed on our website you can contact our orders team directly on for more information. Special orders can take longer than regular orders.

    So Danca Team on
  • it says on your website that all shoes should be bought a half size bigger thats all very well but what about those of us who would need an 8 and a half and all your shoes go up to 8 and stop;

    sarah jones on

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