Perfect Ballerina Bun in 4 Simple Steps

Perfect Ballerina Bun in 4 Simple Steps

Want the secret to the perfect ballerina ballet bun? The secret is ... it's actually a super simple hairstyle. Here are my top tips to do a speedy ballet bun that’ll stand up to the most rigorous routines and the sweatiest of studios. Follow my 4 steps to get that classic sleek, neat ballerina look.

What you'll need for a ballerina bun?

  • Hairbrush
  • Waved hairpins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Bunnet
  • Hairspray
  • Hair elastic

Ballerina Bun in 4 Simple Steps

Step1 To start a ballet bun hairstyle: Brush your hair and tie it up in a high ponytail.

Step 2 Take the ponytail and twist the hair around the hair elastic to make the ballet bun shape. Cover the hair with a bun-net. We love the Tech Dance ones; they’re sturdy and can hold a lot of hair without tearing.

Step 3 Secure the bun with waved hairpins. Make sure to poke through the bun-net, grab some hair from the bun and push the pin back under the bun along the scalp for a secure hold.

Step 4 Use some flat bobby pins to neaten any stragglers or flyaway hairs that don’t lie flat. Tech Dance has a variety of pins in different tones to match your hair colour perfectly.

Give your head a shake to check for weaknesses and voila...the perfect ballerina bun hairstyle.

Ready for a more challenging ballerina hairstyle?

If you're bored of the classic bun or ready to try something more challenging why not try a french roll or a Balanchine bun? These are both elegant ballerina hairstyles for long hair. You'll just need some pins, clips, a hairbrush and some hairspray to achieve these ballet bun esque hairstyles.

In the video below, watch Bianca Bulle, professional ballerina with Miami City Ballet, as she demonstrates these two ballet bun hairstyles for us. Bianca works with So Dança and has made several tutorial videos for us. In this video, she shows us how she does her favourite ballet hairstyle: the slightly tricky french roll. She also demonstrates the elegant Balanchine bun; just a step more challenging than the regular ballet bun, but well worth the effort.

We love the hair accessories from Tech Dance. Available to buy on the So Dança Store, this brand manufactures sturdy and reliable pins, clips, bunnets and anything else you need to do ballet bun hairstyles and get your hair 100% performance-ready.


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