Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218

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Playful, sophisticated and fun. You won’t be able to resist this floral skirt. This RDE 2218 crepe chiffon wraparound skirt ties at the waist and falls just above the knee. Crafted with an eye for detail, this skirt effortlessly pairs style with comfort - a timeless piece you'll never tire of wearing.

  • Closure Type: String tie
  • Legline: Above the knee - Medium Size measures 14" at the back
  • Material: Mesh Spandex
  • Fit: One Size (M)
Style: Patterned Wrap Around Skirt - RDE 2218

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    • Machine wash in cold water with like colours on a gentle cycle or hand wash in cold to lukewarm water and rinse.
    • Wash with a mild soap. Do NOT use bleach/detergents or fabric softeners.
    • Lay flat to dry.
    • Do NOT tumble dry or iron.
    • Do NOT hang over radiators.
    • Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments.
    • Foil print and metallic garments may fade or dull with wear and repeated washing.
    • Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil. This does not constitute a fault.
    • Always check the product tag for specific washing and care instructions.



    • Suede soles: Brush with a wire brush regularly and replace when over-worn.
    • Suede uppers: Use a suede protector, brush regularly with a wire brush, and do not leave in the sun to dry!
    • Leather uppers: Use a leather protector.
    • Heel tips can be protected with heel covers and replaced when over-worn.
    • Do NOT wear dance shoes outside.

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