Ballet Character Shoes

"Royal" Ballet Character Shoes

The all-new So Danca canvas ballet character shoes are RAD approved and completely slip-on!

So Danca took the traditional ballet character shoes and reworked the model. The "Royal" canvas character shoes are pre-arched for ultra comfort and flexibility. Highlighting your beautiful pointe has never been so easy. The cushioned insole makes you feel like you’re dancing on air, and best of all they have removed the awkward popper fasteners from previous models. So Danca replaced the awkward poppers for a completely slip-on shoe. The shoes are speedy to put on and super handy for kids to use. So Danca's designers also swapped the pink elastic strap for a new stronger and softer style of elastic.

Character canvas shoe


The new slip-on canvas ballet character shoes are available in two heel heights. Both the Low and Cuban heel styles are perfect for character dancing. Fully approved for RAD examinations these shoes are a must for anyone preparing for any ballet exams.

But don't think of them only as ballet character shoes. They are also an ideal option for ballroom or Latin dance practice! The suede sole glides on the dancefloor and the low heel is perfect for hours rehearsing in the studio. These solid and supportive ballet character shoes are brilliant for beginner dancers as they offer the balance and stability needed to develop confidence. Perfect for shows also, these shoes are supremely versatile. A canvas character shoe is easy to customise and decorate making it the clear choice for costume design. Easily design the perfect shoe to match your costume for that Strictly show or Panto you've got coming up.

This new model of character shoe truly is the epitome of simplicity and comfort. Both heel heights are available in a wide selection of sizes.

Low heel character shoes - The RO 12

High heel character shoes - The RO 14

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