Product Focus: Character Shoes CH62

Product Focus: Character Shoes CH62

These So Danca character shoes with a 2.5 inch heel are just what you're looking for.

New So Danca character shoes, CH 62 gives dancers amazing comfort and support. Featuring a 2.5” inch shaped heel and cushioned lining the CH 62 will keep you on the dance-floor for hours! If you're dying to get back to the studio and keeping active at home, these character shoes with a 2.5-inch heel are just the ticket to get you moving. If you're trying to decide between character shoes vs ballroom shoes and just a little bit lost, read on to hear all about these fantastic new shoes and why you should buy a pair right now!

Shaped heel for perfect balance

That shaped heel does more than make these So Danca character shoes look elegant. The specially designed heel is reinforced for security and the slight flare makes these character shoes really stable. Say bye-bye to wobbles and hello to perfectly balanced turns! At 2.5” these heels are tall enough to add a bit of height and length to your legs without being so high that you’ll feel unsteady. It’s the best of both worlds. 

So Danca Character shoe CH 62

Elegant leg lines

The CH 62 character shoe is perfect for both stage and rehearsal and I daresay you might even crack them out for your next audition! You’ll feel comfortable and secure in these and it sure helps that the shaped heel gives an elegant line and has an elongating effect on your legs. Just what we like for stage shows and auditions where we want to stand out! In these character shoes, everyone's got dancers' legs!

Perfect fit and comfortable too

The 2.5 inch character shoe is cushion lined for a snug and comfortable fit. It’s also available in half sizes so there’s no sliding around in a slightly loose shoe. It’s so important for your dance shoes to fit you like a glove and the CH 62 is no exception. This So Danca character shoe is made of man-made leather uppers that give like real leather. This means that your shoes will soften right up with a bit of wear but won't stretch out of shape. Get ready to la-la-love wearing these character shoes. 

Although they look and feel very like ballroom shoes, character shoes are a little different. If you're a social dancer and dance regularly, it can be difficult to know what to choose; character shoes vs ballroom shoes is a tough question. The main factors to consider are heel, sole and aesthetic.

The heel height of these character shoes is good for ballroom practice but you might need something slimmer for Latin dance. A sturdy heel is great for social dancing and practice but you may like something narrower for performances.

This style has a leather sole, which makes them great for indoor and outdoor use. Ballroom shoes have suede soles which you cannot wear outside. If you’re always running into class in your dance shoes or guilty of putting on your dance shoes before you run across the car park then a character shoe is perfect for you. The leather, while not as glide-inducing as suede is a brilliant sole for a social dance shoe. 

The glitz factor. These character shoes are not the most glam looking. Ballroom shoes are the life of the party with their glittering fabric and fancy straps. A character shoe, by comparison, is generally one colour. So if you're looking for something dazzling go for a ballroom shoe but if you need substance over style then the CH 62 is your new bestie.

Shop the entire collection of character shoes here and get dancing! If you need something to dazzle and impress the ballroom & Latin collection might be more up your street. Happy dancing!

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