So Dança AC 07 Perfect Pointe Accessory Kit

Pointe Shoe Kit to the Rescue

Have you seen the So Dança AC 07 Perfect Pointe Accessory Kit yet? Including 2.5m of satin ribbon, 30cm of see-through mesh elastic and 2 leather platform protectors. This teeny kit has everything you need to prepare a new pair of pointe shoes. Need some tips on how to use the kit? We're here to help.

Get en-pointe-ready with the AC 07 Perfect Pointe Accessory Kit.

What you'll need:

  • The AC 07 Perfect Pointe Accessory Kit
  • A pair of pointe shoes
  • A needle and strong thread.
  • Clear nail varnish

Step 1. How to attach ribbons to pointe shoes

The AC 07 kit includes a 2.5m length of satin ribbon. You will need to cut this in half, then in half again. This should leave you with 4 equal pieces. To prevent the ribbon from fraying away, you can seal the ends using clear nail varnish or by burning the ends with a lighter (ask for an adult's help with this).

Finding where to position your ribbon on the shoe is the trickiest part of this activity. Holding the pointe shoe in your hand, fold the heel of the shoe forward (into the shoe) from the point where the insole ends. Mark the cotton lining of the shoe where the heel reaches. Place the ribbon at this marker, angle it slightly forward so that it will wrap neatly around your ankle and sew.

Sew the ribbons into the shoes, one ribbon on each side of each shoe. You can use a whipstitch or blanket stitch on the verticals and running stitch on the horizontals. Make sure to attach about 2 cm of ribbon to the shoe for security. Use strong thread and stitch thoroughly. Don't sew through the drawstring; you'll damage it.

Step 2: How to attach elastics

The AC 07 Perfect Pointe accessory kit contains one length of mesh elastic. Mesh elastic is great because it gives support and stability while being almost invisible.

To sew a loop. You will need to cut the 30 cm length of elastic in two; now you have one piece for each shoe. Place the elastic a fraction behind where you sewed the ribbon to the shoe and sew the same way you attached the ribbon.

To sew criss-cross. You will need to cut the elastic in 4 pieces. Before doing this check that the pieces are long enough to fit. Then, sewing the same way as previously explained, attach the elastics in an X in front of your ankles.

Step 3: How to use the platform protectors

The So Danca AC 07 Perfect Pointe kit also includes two leather platform protectors. These are brilliant for several reasons. They give improved grip to a slippy area of the pointe shoe. They keep the platform of your shoe clean and prevent tearing and damaging the satin from use.

Platform protectors can be sewn with strong thread to the top of your pointe shoe. Alternatively, you can attach these pads to the platform of your shoes with super-glue. Super glue is the quicker and neater option.


The AC 07 Perfect Pointe Accessory Kits are available on our website and from So Danca retailers. Shop now and get your pointe shoes ready for your next performance. Don't forget to tag us in your beautiful pictures! We love to see pretty pointe shoes.

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