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Hot Picks: Latin Dance Shoes UK

In the market for a new pair of Latin dance shoes in the UK? Look no further. So Danca UK & Ireland will have them at your door in no time! Whether you're looking for something for a competition, professional Latin dance shoes, shoes just for practice or just something to brighten up your salsa outfits we've got exactly what you're looking for.

What should I be looking for in a Latin dance shoe?

There are 3 main attributes to look for in Latin shoes:

Suede Soles: these will help you glide on the dance floor. Suede strikes the balance between grip and slip and allows you to move gracefully.

Flexible Sole: this lets you pointe your toes and fully articulate the foot. The shoe can move with your foot if the sole is flexible.

Slim-flared High Heel: A slim heel makes the moves easier; however, a flared heel is preferred for Latin-style dances because it provides more stability. Height of approximately 2.5 - 3 inches is preferable as it elongates the leg lines.

Bearing those things in mind it's time to get shopping. Read on for some advice on what UK Latin dance shoes to choose.

I want a Latin dance shoe with a lower heel?

The BL 180 by So Danca is the shoe for you. This elegant and timeless satin shoe is perfect for both practice and performance. Featuring satin upper, suede sole, supportive cross straps, and a glamorous diamante easy buckle. The Ballroom sandal has a 1.5 inch heel for extra stability and balance. If you want to try something a little lower while you build up your technique, the BL 180 is the perfect shoe.

I have a narrow foot, what shoe will give me the best support?

The fabulous BL 178 by So Danca is perfect for Latin dancing. The beautiful design features satin outer material, a 2.5 inch flared heel, suede soles and an eye-catching plaited vamp. The vamp is long, to completely cocoon the metatarsals and keep your foot correctly aligned. The supportive criss-cross straps with diamante easy buckle add a bit of glamour while providing extra arch support. This shoe has a sturdy, reinforced sole for stability and features a cushioned insole for added comfort.

What's this season's best selling Latin shoe?

Our favourite professional Latin dance shoes this season are the So Danca BL 164. This 2.5 inch heeled shoe is made of sumptuous leatherette. Featuring a stunning plaited vamp for support at the metatarsals. This lightweight, flexible design is suitable for both Latin and Ballroom dance. Elegance, comfort and support all in one shoe. The So Danca BL 164 features easy buckles and adjustable cross straps for a perfect fit and unbeatable comfort.


Remember to take care of your Latin dance shoes to prolong their life. Check out our post for some tips on caring for your dance shoes.

Need some more inspiration? Check out Emma Slater's itty-bitty Latin dance tutorial below. She tried out our stellar BL 164 shoes and just couldn't resist having a little boogie. She moves fast so get your favourite So Danca professional Latin shoes on and challenge yourself.


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