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RO12 - low heel character shoe

The all-new Royal So Danca canvas character shoes with suede soles are fully RAD approved, feature a fully cushioned insole and best of all: NO MORE POPPERS, making them completely slip-on! Designed for RAD ballet exams but also a light and sturdy shoe for ballroom practice, these shoes are pre-arched to accentuate the pointe. As a slip-on shoe with a cushioned insole this new model is the epitome of simplicity and comfort. The Low heel option is suitable for ballet exams from Grade 1 to Grade 2.

For kids sizes see - RO 12s
As low as €28.00

So Danca character shoes are engineered for comfort, durability and freedom of movement.

Move with ease and comfort across the floor in our gorgeous and comfortable character shoes. Our high-quality character shoes feature all cushion lining to hug and support the foot for unrivalled comfort. We offer a wide range of character shoes designed for both beginner and professional dancers.

The So Danca Collection

Give your feet the comfort they deserve in our character shoes. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our character shoe collection features supportive straps, shock absorbing cushioned insoles and elasticated gussets to provide complete comfort and support.

Select your style

All our character shoes are designed for comfort and support, the style of shoe is truly up to you! Choose from our collection of gorgeous and comfortable character shoes available in popular colours and high-quality materials.

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Product type
Character Shoes
Closure Type
Heel Height
1" Heel
Outer Material
Sole Material
Shoe Care Products
Sole Type
Full Sole
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