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  1. As low as €28.00
    This lace-up jazz shoe is perfect for beginners! Featuring a soft leather upper, full sole and cotton lining.
  2. As low as €30.00
    This lightweight, lace-up jazz shoe perfect for all levels of dance, featuring a soft leather upper, split sole and cotton lining.
  3. As low as €40.00
    The split sole JZE-40 is made from soft leather and features a rubber sole and superior elastic inserts for a perfect fit.
  4. As low as €35.00
    The soft and flexible JZ-44 is made from a neoprene and leather upper and features an elastic insert under arch for a custom fit.
  5. As low as €35.00
    This lightweight, slip-on jazz shoe is made from leather and pre-arched stretch neoprene to ensure a perfect fit
  6. As low as €40.00
    Our split sole JZE-45 features a low-cut profile, rubber sole and heel, cotton lining and a nylon spandex insert at the arch eliminating excess material.
  7. As low as €25.00
    The JZ-75 is engineered for amazing adherence with the foot. This split sole jazz shoe features a stretch canvas upper and a low-cut ankle design.
  8. As low as €45.00
    The JZ-97 features a soft flexible upper and flexible suede sole and laces for a secure fit.

8 Items

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