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  1. As low as €75.00
    This stylish and comfortable ballroom shoe is engineered for hours of dancing! Our BL-33 features sparkle canvas fabric, rhinestone buckles, a suede sole and elasticated gussets.
  2. As low as €75.00
    This breathable, lightweight ballroom shoe is designed for both beginner and professional dancers. Our BL-54 features a solid wide-based heel, suede soles and perforated leather outer.
  3. As low as €75.00
    This gorgeous design is engineered to give dancers amazing comfort and support. The stylish BL-116 features gorgeous sparkle fabric.
  4. As low as €75.00
    This elegant ballroom shoe gives dancers ultimate comfort, support and flexibility. Our BL-124 features elasticated gussets, suede soles, easy buckles and supportive cross straps.
  5. As low as €75.00
    Give your feet the comfort they deserve in the gorgeous and comfortable shoes. The BL-126 features supportive cross straps that wrap around the bottom of the shoe and the ankle for support.
  6. As low as €75.00
    Our BL-170 features a leather upper and open toe design. Rhinestone easy buckle completes this simple yet elegant design.
  7. As low as €75.00
    This stunning design features a closed heel and toe to protect the foot, perfect for partnered dances! The classic and elegant BL-118 is made from gorgeous glitter fabric and features elasticated gussets for the perfect point!
  8. As low as €75.00
    This lightweight, flexible design is suitable for both Latin and Ballroom. Elegance, comfort and support all in one shoe. The BL-164 features easy buckles and adjustable cross straps for a perfect fit.
  9. As low as €85.00
    BL-178 is suitable for Latin and Ballroom dancing. This beautiful design features supportive cross straps, satin material and a gorgeous rhinestone easy buckle.
  10. As low as €75.00
    The BL-162 is made from gorgeous satin material and features easy buckles, stunning mesh inserts and cross straps for unbeatable comfort.
  11. As low as €85.00
    The open-toed BL-172 is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, features mesh inserts, supportive cross straps and a gorgeous rhinestone easy buckle.
  12. As low as €75.00
    Say hello to one of our most popular designs, engineered for hours of dancing! This stunning ballroom shoe features cushioned insoles and lining and a flattering open arch with an adjustable cross strap.
  13. As low as €75.00
    Move with ease and comfort across the dancefloor in the gorgeous and comfortable BL-166. BL-166 features easy buckles, sparkle fabric and cushioned insoles for incredible comfort and security.
  14. As low as €75.00
    Turn heads on the dancefloor in one of our most popular and comfortable designs. This glamorous BL-502 features a sparkle fabric upper and a cushioned insole and lining for incredible comfort.
  15. As low as €85.00
    This elegant, timeless design is perfect for practice and performance. The BL-180 features a satin upper, supportive cross straps and a gorgeous rhinestone easy buckle.
  16. As low as €70.00
    This comfortable and supportive shoe is perfect for practice, auditions and stage work. Featuring a supportive T-bar strap, leather upper, elasticated gussets and cushioned insoles.
  17. As low as €50.00
    The CH-792 is a fantastic choice! Perfect for Ballroom and Character work. This simple and elegant shoe is cushioned lined and features a suede sole.
  18. As low as €70.00
    Achieve the perfect point in this soft and flexible Character/Ballroom shoe. Perfect for practice and performance! The CH-70 features supportive cross straps, a leather upper and elasticated gussets for flexibility and freedom of movement.
  19. As low as €120.00
    The amazing SD-143 features an adjustable X strap for incredible support. The arch strap ensures contact between the foot and the arch of the shoe and elasticated gussets for unrestricted movement.

19 Items

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