Super Slimline Jazz Shoes - New in UK & Ireland

Get the slimmest and most flattering leg lines and accentuate your pointed toes in the brand new Super Slimline Jazz shoes from So Dança UK. The JZ 82 split sole jazz shoes are available in the UK as both nude jazz shoes and black jazz shoes. These nude jazz shoes give an almost barefoot look due to the design developments! 

They feature an ingenious new design making them the lightest leather jazz shoe we stock. With a PU leather front that covers the toes and metatarsal, right over the forefoot for durability and flexibility. However, the back is made of neoprene for a superior heel fit and perfect heel placement. This supple and flexible shoe features a super-thin rubber heel and a suede sole. This mix of suede and rubber guarantees you smooth turns without sticky finishes.

Four reasons you need these new jazz shoes

Totally slip-on Jazz shoes

Ok, so a slip-on jazz shoe has to be literally the best thing ever! Quick, easy, straightforward. It’s also 100% a dance bag essential for every dancer. Quick change? Nailed it with your slip-on shoes. Your kid can’t tie shoelaces? No sweat, they don’t need to ask for help with a slip-on shoe. 


A light jazz shoe like this one is so versatile. Keep in in your dance bag for the occasion you forgot your ballet shoes. Or for that moment when you’re in the middle of class in your sneakers but you just want a little more lightness on your feet. I have even given them a whirl in a yoga class when I forgot socks. These shoes are so light that you won’t have to feel like your lugging around your whole life in your dance bag. Let’s be honest, as dancers, it can feel like you’re moving house every time you pick up all your gear to leave! 

Split-Sole Jazz shoes

This isn’t a new one on any of us but there’s something special about the pointe on the JZ 82. The transition from flexible PU leather to the even bendier neoprene acts as an arch-enhancer. Something to do with the way that neoprene clings to the arch just accentuates my toes when I point! I think it may also be to do with how light these shoes are. But it doesn’t feel like work to push through and point your toes.


Seems like a no-brainer, but I’m gonna talk about it some more just to make sure you get my message. The JZ 82 split sole jazz shoe is my new favourite. Not because it’s bendy or slim or light, but because it’s so darn comfortable. I could wear these all day for teaching! I would 100% crack them out for class and almost be tempted to wear them right out of the studio!


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