Pointe shoe covers: The Secret to clean pointe shoes

So Danca pointe shoe covers to the rescue in the clean pointe shoes emergency!

Is there anything more lovely than a clean pair of pointe shoes? When they're just fresh out of the bag and they don't have any scuffs yet. Gives you that warm and happy, fresh cookie smell kind of feeling. But all too soon you start wrecking them, oh wait no, I mean preparing them. And then all too soon the satin is dirty and the clean pointe shoes bubble has burst. Is there a solution out there? Does anyone know of some magical way to keep my pointe shoes clean?

It's a mini Shakespearean tragedy every time I buy a new pair of shoes. I buy them; I love them and vow to keep them perfect forever. Then I wear them to class; I feel kick-ass and dance my heart out. Then I look down and like a dagger to the heart I see the streaky dirt-marks! Ahhh, I spot where the rosin has discoloured and scored the platform. Gasp! Someone was eating a sneaky studio snack and now there is a chocolate stain on my beautiful shoes! Oh no! Whatever will I do? The answer is clear...I'll get So Danca pointe shoe covers.

So Danca Pointe Shoe Covers - The answer to your pointe shoe cleaning woes

What are So Danca pointe shoe covers you ask? They are the answer to one of the dance communities great problems. How to keep a pair of pointe shoes spotless until show or exam day? In the past, we may have risked slipping by wearing socks over our pointe shoes. Many of us tried to whitewash our pointe shoes with calamine lotion. This chalky whiteness works in the short term. It elongates leg lines too. But what it also does is weaken the integrity of your pointe shoe. If you add water to paper it disintegrates and calamine lotion contains water and pointe shoes are made of paper! You do the math.

We need something that isn't wet, that will cover and protect the satin. This is where So Danca comes in. What they have created is a microfibre sock that covers the body of your pointe shoe. These pointe shoe covers will stretch to cover the satin of your shoe. They also have suede soles for grip, so you can dance full out in them.

So Danca pointe shoe covers provide scuff and stain protection for your pointes and the suede sole offers added grip. With a microfiber outsole, these covers come in a variety of colours and patterns, so you have the flexibility to mix and match. You won't regret adding them to your dance bag when your shoes are spotless on exam and show days! Grab a pair now.

So Danca also stocks covers for tap shoes.

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