Traditionally, dancers could only choose from two different types of pointe shoe; a traditional paper maché pointe or alternatively a monoblock. The Elektra is a NEW KIND of pointe shoe, which has been in development for four years. Elektra features strategically re-engineered elements which have held onto the values of the past while embracing new technology!

The Elektra offers the longest peak of pointe perfection in the market. This shoe is ready to wear and designed to remain that way! The composition of the box will not break down or die, simply mould to the contours of your foot.

What makes Elektra so revolutionary?

The key features that differentiate this pointe shoe are the revolutionary materials: the ring, customisable and interchangeable shanks, and the elastomer shank housing.

The Ring

Essential support is created by THE RING. The ring is an area within the box; made of a denser, reinforced material which encircles the toes and cuts down knuckling.

Customisable and Interchangeable Shanks

Shanks can be removed and are interchangeable, yes you read that correctly! This means dancers can fit each foot individually while also considering different shank strength options depending on repertoire and classwork. There are two shank strengths to choose from, Flex and Firm. Additionally, there are 0, I, III, V, and X shank length types available within these two strengths. .

Customisable shanks allow the dancer to adjust and alternate the strength/length of shanks dependent upon foot strength and arch type. Shanks are also heat-responsive allowing further manipulation and moulding at the desired area for each dancer.

The Shank Housing and Proper Placement

The elastomer shank housing imitates a human spine, allowing dancers to seamlessly roll through demi-pointe, encouraging correct foot articulation and enabling the development of stronger dancers! In addition to the revolutionary elements within the shoe, the Elektra will also include a removable elastic ring. This ring is to be used as a training tool to aid alignment. It is used by inserting the elastic under the shank and over the foot. By creating a conscious connection with the foot, dancers can feel the pressure of the elastic and centre placement en pointe.


Elektra is made with a synthetic satin, microfiber sole and antimicrobial liner. The liner is moisture-wicking, it remains cool to touch and is slip-resistant.

Why choose Elektra?

The aim of Elektra is to help produce stronger and healthier dancers. Alongside this; the Elektra provides a beautiful seamless line. Elektra was born to help facilitate dancers perform to their potential while minimizing stresses on the body. RRP: £120/ €140 If you are a dancer and would like to try Elektras please email For trade and retailer enquires please contact

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