Our Ballroom February Favourites

If Ballroom dancing is your passion, choosing the right shoe should be top of your to do list. We've put together our favourite styles for Latin, Ballroom and Character to help to make choosing your perfect shoe that little bit easier.

The So Danca Collection

Our 2019 Ballroom Collection features stunning styles for Ballroom, Latin and Character. The quality of So Danca shoes is incomparable! Our collection features supportive straps, shock absorbing cushioned insoles and elasticated gussets to allow dancers to move with complete comfort and support on the dancefloor. The addition of our “easy buckles” allows dancers to quickly hit the floor without worrying about loose straps.

Our favourite Latin shoe this month is the BL-162! This 2½ inch shoe is made from gorgeous satin material and features stunning mesh inserts and cross straps for unbeatable comfort.

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